You are currently viewing High time to start reading so why not Polish Nobel Prize Winner? Let me convince you.

High time to start reading so why not Polish Nobel Prize Winner? Let me convince you.

The recent events in Poland inspired me to write my first short article in English. I am being among those proud Poles who are happy that international media talks about my homeland in the context of achievement and art. And not only how Law&Justice rules towards conservativeness and lack of democracy or about other unpopular events.

Congratulations to Olga Tokarczuk!

I do not deny that the above are equally important for us. But sometimes positive news should be emphasised even more than issues. And the below article is my way of  celebration Polish Noble Prize in Literature. As well as my respect towards Olga Tokarczuk, the author of Flights, who also held extremely interesting speech in Sweden.

I read this rewarded book. It is not comparable to modern literature where crime and spy story dominate (at least in Poland). But it brings us to imaginative world, full of unexpected characters and beautiful stories. They are detached from each other but all together form strong statements about humanity. The lecture results in proper brain training and refreshing perception.

Taking all the above into consideration, I created a short presentation about literature. In which I gathered few insights from around the world and all Nobel Prize Winners with recommended books (my view) from my forty-million country. Wheatear you chose books or audiobooks, please stay open to other things than news, business & success stories, also from Poland. 

This is for brain-yoga.

Thank you

For reading me until the end. Hopefully you find some useful recommendations in this short article. And may be you decide to explore some Polish author over Christmas time?

By the way, I do wonder if blogs are able to replace literature? If the way authors write may be as imaginative and breathtaking as books? And if we as readers are able to consume longer messages that 1-pagers? Let’s see if one day Nobel Prize Academy will reward digital writer. For me it doesn’t matter which way but I want to read good thoughtful texts. That is my brain yoga.

And please share with me your thoughts on my first public English writing.

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